Home of original song and lyrics composed by a wonderful little lady now in her late nineties.
Jean hopes you enjoy her songs.

The Music Box offering original songs and lyrics....

All the original songs and lyrics were composed by Jean.
Sadly, Jean passed away on October 16, 2021 at the wise old age of 101.
In her Golden Years, she enjoyed composing new songs and playing her piano as well as her Yamaha keyboard.
In fact she had composed a new song just before she passed.
She is missed by all that loved her and enjoyed her musical talent.
She was a kind and loving person whom all of us who love her hold dear forever in our hearts.

All the music on this site is in mp3 Format. The style of the songs is from the 1930's -1940's era... Swing, Big Band, etc. The era when the composer was young and learning her craft.