Smile, you are on live feed ISS camera

High Definition Earth Viewing from the International Space Station:

If you do not see the earth:
black image means ISS is on the night side of earth
gray image means switching between cameras or communication with ISS currently not available

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Israeli buys 1,300 monkeys, saving them from harsh fate

After a 20 year struggle, Mazor Farm (located in Israel) which breeds and exports monkeys for medical experiments, will be shut down.

According to an article written by Amir Shouan
Published: 12.23.14, 21:57 / Israel News:

Ady Gil, an animal rights activist who founded Ady Gil World Conservation after selling American Hi Definition (a video projection screen company that provides big-screen projectors to the Academy Awards, the Grammys and more), has purchased the Mazur Farm monkeys.

What comes next?
According to the article:
“And what now, after the purchase of the monkeys?
Initially, Gil says, the animals will have to remain at the farm until a suitable enclosure is erected for them.
“One thing’s for sure,” he says, “they won’t be in cages. I’m against zoos too.”
The options currently being considered by Monkey Rescue include moving the macaques to Havat Bodedim in the south of Israel
or expanding the Ben Shemen Monkey Park.

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Mazur Farm Monkies
Mazur Farm Monkies – photo by Alon Ron

If you would like to aid the rescued monkeys, you can adopt a monkey or donate whatever amount you like.

For information on making a donation for the monkeys check out The Mazur Project at Ady Gil World Conservation.

Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

Now on PBS:
“Plan B” provides a glimpse into a new and emerging economy based upon renewable resources as well as strategies to avoid the growing threat of climate change.
As prices rise, oil insecurity deepens,
and concerns about carbon emissions cast a shadow over the future of fossil fuels, wind, solar,
and geothermal energy are replacing fossil fuels at a pace and on a scale previously unimagined.