100 Percent Cotton Potholders

Cotton Potholders

Crafty Sue’s Shop offers 100% cotton potholders for sale.

These cotton potholders  have been tested by us and they really do work. No burned fingers or hands.
They hold up well under frequent use and can withstand many machine wash/machine dry cycles.
As well as being functional, they also make nice decorations when hung on kitchen cupboard doors,
refrigerators, ovens, etc. They are a low priced but quality handmade gift to give.

We use only 100 percent cotton print fabric as well as Warm & Natural cotton batting as well as Coats and Clark cotton quilting threads in their construction.

Cotton Potholders
Cotton Potholders

According to the Warm and Natural website:

The nation’s leading cotton quilt batting is now better than ever. We’ve managed to improve on the best and we’re grinning from ear to ear. It is easy to see why once you take a look for yourself.

  • Our new ultra-cleaning process extracts a greater percentage of leaves and stems. Virtually unblemished, Warm & Natural batting looks its Sunday best.
  • Our newly refined needlepunch technique better distributes the cotton on both sides of the scrim.
  • Tiny tangles called neps, which once led to dull needles, are nearly eliminated.
  • Warm & Natural needled cotton still uses no chemicals, glues, or resins, so you know that it is gentle enough for even the youngest child.

Having used Warm and natural in our potholders the past 12 years, we have to agree!

Some info on our 100 percent cotton potholders:
* Size:
All potholders are approximately 6 and 1/2 inches square by 3/8 inch thick.
* Materials:
outer cover – 100% cotton calico
inner layers – 4 layers of 100% cotton batting
hang loop – securely stitched in side seam of potholder
All materials preshrunk.
* Care Instructions:
Machine wash / Machine dry medium heat
Steam iron on medium heat to restore original appearance.

Please Note:
As inventory depletes different prints will replace those that are presently available.
So if you don’t see a print you like today, check back at a later date.