Fossil Fuel Industry Hangs BP Out to Dry – BY Ariel Schwartz, Wed Jul 7, 2010

BY Ariel Schwartz, Wed Jul 7, 2010:

BP is nothing like the rest of the fossil fuel industry. At least, that’s what other oil companies would like us to believe. The American Energy Alliance (AEA) came out swinging this week against BP with Save U.S. Energy Jobs, an initiative that aims to preserve the offshore oil and gas industry by emphasizing just how much the Gulf oil disaster is the direct result of shoddy oversight from BP.

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From National Geographic Daily News – Gulf Oil Cleanup Crews Trample Nesting Birds

Christine Dell’Amore

in Gulf Islands National Seashore and Pensacola Beach, Florida
National Geographic News

Published July 6, 2010

Standing on a white-sand beach at Florida’s Gulf Islands National Seashore Thursday, blotchy stains from the Gulf oil spill could be seen creeping past the red-lettered “keep out” signs meant to protect nesting shorebirds. And, according to conservationists, some well-meaning cleanup crews who unknowingly walk into nesting habitat may be doing more harm than the oil itself, experts say.

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TEDxOilSpill Expedition

The TedxOilSpill Expedition – In their own words…

This is a week-long project to document the current situation in the Gulf of Mexico and bring a first hand report back to the TEDxOilSpill event in Washington DC on June 28th. We’ll be working on land, air, and maybe even on boat. Our team is composed of several talented photographers and videographers. In addition to documentation of oil on the water and on the beach, we’re particularly interested in the human side of the equation and will be talking to some of the people most affected by the catastrophe in the Gulf. We’ll also be documenting any and all evidence of media interference by BP, the Coast Guard, or other officials.

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